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Reload the Canons!

This series of articles is an attempt to play through The Canon of videogames: your Metroids, your Marios, your Zeldas, your Pokemons, that kind of thing.

Except I'm not playing the original games. Instead, I'm playing only remakes, remixes, and weird fan projects. This is the canon of games as seen through the eyes of fans, and I'm going to treat fan games as what they are: legitimate works of art in their own right that deserve our analysis and respect.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hauntology/Headology: Carpe Jugulum and Gothic Justice

The vampires in Discworld novel Carpe Jugulum may be modern, but the story is still firmly gothic. So who in the story is the gothic entity haunting the present?

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Trash World of Ideology: Thor Ragnarok Wants You To Destroy America

It's a StIT Thorsgiving Special! Feeling harried by your racist relatives? Hide in the bathroom, pull up this essay, and talk turkey with me about how Thor: Ragnarok really does seem to think Marvel, Disney, and America all need to be destroyed!
Image extremely helpfully provided by EssayofThoughts

Thursday, October 12, 2017

So Bad It's Good: The Inhumans

The Inhumans can really only be enjoyed ironically... but is it possible to sincerely enjoy something ironically?

Friday, September 29, 2017

Here's A Follow Up Post About My Immortal and Death of the Author

I wrote about Tara Gilesbie. I podcasted about Death of the Author. Now I'm writing about both together. Because everyone kind of expects me to.

Friday, September 22, 2017

That's Not What 'Death of the Author' Says: A Let's Read Theory Special

Everyone's heard that the Author is Dead, but a lot of folks are confused about what that means. In this Let's Read Theory special, dive deep into Roland Barthes's influential essay and find out why Authors can't give everything away... even if they'd like to.

Listen to the full half hour Let's Read Theory special for free on Patreon, and check out the extended readthrough of the essay itself.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Let's Play 17776 Part 2: Point Of Play

If the point of play is to distract us from play being the point, what happens when our games conflict and contradict each other? Pull meaning from the void with me in Part 2 of my readthrough of 17776.

Read more about fun theory, table legs, existentialism, and what scares me most about 17776 and being immortal

Lessons learned from my miserable time with Shotcut

Hungry for more video content of me crying about fictional spacecraft? Check out the extended cut of part 2

Read more about hypercomics history and 17776's forerunners in A Horizon of Jostling Curiosities

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Let's Play 17776 Part 1: Is This 'Football'?

In the future, we hang out. Hang out with me as I read Jon Bois's epic sci fi hypercomic 17776 for the first time and discover the power of duration art, the stress of immortality, and the fact that everything continues to basically be Homestuck.

Bonus Patreon Content:

Read more about 17776 and its hypercomics techniques

Go behind the scenes and learn the workflow I used both to create this video and to end my own existence

Hungry for more video content? Can't wait till next week? Check out the extended cut of part 1

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hack Monuments: The Methods of -punk

For Steampunk, Solarpunk, and Cyberpunk, aesthetic and meaning go hand in hand. In an age of extinction and resurgent fascism, -punk has a choice: hack that meaning, or become a passive monument for others to fight over.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Inside: Game Disintegrating

Inside, spiritual successor to Limbo, is a game about control, but is anyone really at the reins of the game's dystopia? And can an experimental documentary from the 80s give us insight into the game's radical pessimism?
Spoilers for Inside; no familiarity with the game necessary.

Friday, July 7, 2017

You Didn't Get Rogue One: A Monograph of Essays on Star Wars RELEASE

Despite its box office and critical success, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story faces an astounding number of misinterpretations. Rogue One is a controversial film, inspiring some with its improbably radical politics, while seeming to distress as many others with its unconventional storytelling and seeming break from the tone of Star Wars. Misreadings range from the well intentioned ("It was fun but the characters had no agency!") to the insidious ("Is the Empire really so bad?"), but they share one quality: for one reason or another, their writers just didn't get Rogue One.

Featuring revised and expanded versions of Storming the Ivory Tower's Star Wars articles alongside essays exclusive to this collection, the new monograph "You Didn't Get Rogue One" lays out not just a defense of Rogue One but a defense of the more radical potential lurking in the ostensibly thoroughly corporate Star Wars franchise. In order to do so, though, the essays have to take down decades of misreadings by everyone from Catholic pundits, Internet shoutymen, and even... George Lucas himself! The Dark Side clouds everything, but this collection takes a step towards bringing Rogue One and Star Wars into a new light.

You Didn't Get Rogue One can be read through Storming the Ivory Tower's Patreon:

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